Diamond certificates by E.G.L. India assure buyers of quality and authenticity

For the first time ever in the Indian diamond industry, get a guaranteed verbal opinion and grading before purchasing

Engage yourself to the world’s diamond industry! India’s diamond industry will never be the same again. European Gemological Laboratory (E.G.L.) India is proud to announce that its world renowned grading services and reports are now available in India. The diamond report assures buyers of the quality and authenticity of their stone. If you later decide to sell your stone having the report will provide the stamp of authenticity you'll need to get a fair price. Having the Report may even add value to your diamond. May help you sell it faster. Changes in the market have increased the demand for reliable diamond appraisal reports from highly credible organisations. And E.G.L. India is one of them.

Diamond certification is the gemological analysis of your diamonds characteristics and components. Analysis is done in an independent laboratory by certified gemologists. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a report summarising the findings and a detailed sketch quality of the diamond. Diamond certification is important because today there are artificial diamonds and treatments used to enhance the color and purity of diamonds. Treatment became so sophisticated that even your diamond dealer / retailer will not be able to detect them without advanced laboratory equipment, thus, diamond certificates safeguard your purchase.

Your diamond Report will include the following information: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight, The diamond's shape, Measurements, Table and depth percentages, Grade, Polish, Symmetry, Fluorescence, Graining, Cut grade, Prediction of light performance (if applicable).

E.G.L. India offers a variety of diamond certification reports:

  • Full Diamond Certificate – EGL’s most comprehensive certification report.
  • Mini Diamond Grading Certificate – A compact version of the full certificate.
  • Consultation Diamond Certificates – The most basic diamond certification report available.
  • EGL Certicard TM – Diamond Certifications in the form of a plastic identity card.

In addition to diamond certification reports, E.G.L. India offers the following services:

  • Jewellery Certification for Diamonds – Certification for diamonds already set in jewellery.
  • Diamond Laser Engraving – Advanced method to add a personal message or add security to your diamond.
  • Sealing of Certified Diamonds – Once the diamond certification process is complete, the diamond is secured in a sealed package that displays the diamond and the basic certification information.

When obtaining a diamond certificate it is better to use a company that is well known in the industry such as E.G.L. India. It offers: Express service in hours; substantial savings in comparison to competitors’ prices; more grading information than competitor certificates; web based online confirmation services; award winning gemologist with international certification; state-of-the-art diamond grading, certifying and laser etching laboratory.

Certificates can be provided in Mumbai or Hong Kong according to customer’s request.

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) was founded in 1974 by Guy Margel in Belgium. Subsequently, a number of laboratories were opened around the world including in the US in the 1970s and South Africa in 1980, and later Europe, the far East and Israel. For more details in India please contact:


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